Tips for Buying the Right Golf Shoe

Buying the Right Golf ShoeHaving a pair of the right golf shoe is quite important for playing the game. Wearing the wrong sized shoe or an ill fitted one can not only aggravate foot problems but would also not let you to have the right balance and make the perfect swing. Hence, putting on the right golf shoes is not only important for the foot health but is also significant for the golfer’s game. Wearing the wrong shoes would be reflected in the golfer’s scorecard at day end and would lead to an undesirable final score. Discussed below are some tips for buying the right golf shoe:

  • Golf ShoeYou must never buy a golf shoe that is not comfortable. Don’t buy shoes that don’t feel right. Moreover, aging leads to changes in the feet and while buying the right golf shoe you must always measure both the feet every time. In addition to this, never presume that the shoe size you bought previously would be correct and appropriate this time. You must make sure both the feet as the foot sizes might be different. In such cases, you should buy the bigger foot sized shoes. When measuring the shoe’s length, at least 1/4 to 3/8 inch should be left in front of the larger toe.
  • The best time to shop for the golf shoes is late in the afternoon. This is because the feet tend to swell and reach their largest size after the activities of a day. Hence, when buying the shoes you must go at the end of the eighteen holes or at the end of the day. You must always avoid buying shoes in the morning in which you plan to play. While buying golf shoes, you must be wearing your regular golf socks for ensuring enough space for them within the shoes.
  • It should also be kept in mind that the toe box of your golf shoe must always be adequately large to let you easily wiggle your toes. The forefoot of a golfer should always be lesser than the golf shoe.
  • The instep should be tight and the heel must be snugly fitted
  • The golf shoes generally lose a lot of their absorbency to shocks throughout the season and therefore it is vital to buy golf shoes each year. For purchasing the men’s golf shoes visit this page.

These tips could be quite helpful while buying golf shoes. Having the right golf shoe could considerably aid in successfully playing the game while maximizing foot care. The right shoe can give you the right balance and traction on ground and could enable natural foot movement required for making the perfect swing. Moreover, it could also facilitate foot care and prevent foot pain and other foot problems from occurring.